SEEbwin必赢亚洲体育中心股份有限公司. (“SEE”) is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our visitors. SEE takes reasonable steps to protect visitors’ privacy and to ensure that visitors are notified of what information SEE collects and how that information will be used. SEE will adhere to this Policy for protection of your personally identifiable information (such as full name, address, email address, telephone number, 和/或其他个人身份信息).


  1. SEE不会收集您的个人身份信息, other than what you supply to SEE on a voluntary basis and as stated in this Policy.
  2. SEE may ask you to provide personally identifiable information in order to participate in certain SEE activities, such as:
    • 竞赛或抽奖登记
    • subscription registration for services such as email newsletters or events memberships, camps, 或者其他博物馆节目
    • transactions
    • donations
    • 内容提交、社区发帖(i.e., forums or bulletin boards), comments and suggestions, voting, or online surveys
  3. 当您使用SEE的网站时, SEE automatically receives and records certain information from your computer (or other device) and your browser. 这可能包括您的IP地址和域名等数据, 你在网站上访问的页面, 你来访的日期和时间, 你下载的文件, the URLs from the websites you visit before and after navigating to the site, 您的软件和硬件属性(包括设备id), 你的大致地理位置(e.g.(你所在的城市、州或大都市区). 获取这些信息, SEE may use web logs or applications that recognize your computer and gather information about its online activity.
  4. SEE在其网站上也使用cookie, 如下面的“cookie和分析”一节所述.”
  5. SEE’s website or the emails that you receive from SEE may use an application known as a “web beacon”. A web beacon is an electronic file that usually consists of a single-pixel image. It can be embedded in a web page or in an email to transmit information, 其中可能包括个人信息. For example, it can allow an email sender to determine whether a user has opened a particular email.
  6. SEE may also receive personally identifiable information about you if you contact SEE in other ways, such as by phone, mail, or email.
  7. SEE may compile and combine information about you from different sources. Any information that SEE maintains together with personally identifiable information will be treated as personally identifiable information.

Survey Responses

SEE可能会邀请您在线或亲自参与调查.  These surveys provide SEE with valuable feedback about exhibits and programs and information about visitors’ experiences, preferences, and needs.

这些调查可能会要求您提供某些个人信息, 包括家庭和人口统计数据,如年龄, marital status, 住户人数, etc. Participation in these surveys is completely voluntary and you may choose whether or not to disclose this information. You may be given the opportunity to opt in to further communications from SEE during the survey, but your contact information will not be associated with your survey responses or the provided demographic information.

SEE may use third party service providers to conduct surveys or analyze survey data; such service providers will not use your personal information for any other purpose. SEE will not share any personal information gathered through a survey with other third parties without giving you prior notice and an opportunity to opt out.


  1. SEE may use your personally identifiable information to provide services to you, 包括管理比赛, events, 以及你选择参与的订阅.
  2. SEE可能会使用您的信息来分析和改进SEE的服务, including as described below in the section titled “cookie和分析.”
  3. SEE may use your personally identifiable information to extend promotional offers (such as invitations to SEE events) or to send administrative or service-related announcements.
  4. 当您在SEE网站上披露个人信息时, SEE may use your address internally to inform you of events and opportunities at SEE.
  5. 如果您在SEE的网站上购物或捐款, SEE will use the payment information provided to complete the transaction.
  6. SEE may use personally identifiable information in order to prevent improper use of SEE’s website, or as otherwise necessary to defend against or assist in the investigation of improper or illegal activity on the website.
  7. SEE may use certain non-identifiable information to send advertisements to people who SEE believes may be interested in SEE or SEE events. This may include, for example, working with a third party to provide advertisements for SEE to individuals whose devices are located in a certain general geographic area. For more information on online advertising practices and how you can opt out, 请参阅下面标题为“cookie和分析”的部分.”


  1. SEE generally will not disclose your personally identifiable information to outside parties without your consent or where necessary to perform services or provide products that you have requested.
  2. On occasion, SEE uses trusted third party providers to provide its services or to communicate with you. 例如,SEE可以使用供应商代表SEE发送电子邮件. SEE only uses providers that SEE believes impose reasonable safeguards on the privacy of your information.
  1. Email addresses provided to SEE are used to send responses to questions and queries, 提供购买和注册确认, 并沟通后续信息. SEE does not share its mailing or telephone lists with political candidates, parties, 或者竞选组织.
  1. SEE还可能披露您的个人身份信息:
    • 按照法律的要求
    • when SEE believes that disclosure is necessary to protect SEE’s rights
    • 保护:保护他人的权利、安全或财产;
    • 参与:参与司法程序, 遵守法庭命令, or respond to other legal process served on SEE or SEE’s website; and/or
    • to complete a transaction involving the transfer of the SEE operations to which the information pertains, or due diligence and preparatory work relating to such a transaction.

Opt-Out Option

If you do not wish to receive the communications described above, you may choose to “opt out.” Opting out may prevent your participation in activities for which personal information is needed (such as SEE programming or contests). You may choose to restrict SEE use of your information to maintaining your registration on SEE’s website, or you may ask SEE to refrain from disclosing your information to others. You may request that SEE receive information by telephone or postal mail. You may make such an opt-out request by sending an email to info@51locate.com with the header “Marketing Opt-Out” as the header describing your request. SEE may, 自行决定, elect to delete your electronic information entirely rather than implementing a request to opt-out of certain data uses while continuing others.

You may opt out of receiving promotional emails from SEE by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of any such email. If you do so, SEE仍可能因其他原因与您联系, 例如与您在网站上进行的购买有关.


SEE does not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13 years of age. If personal information regarding a child is required for program participation or similar reasons, SEE will collect this information from the child’s parent or guardian. 如果孩子给SEE发邮件, SEE will only use that address and any information provided only to respond to the particular inquiry and will not retain or use the information for any other purpose.


SEE的网站和社交媒体渠道可能会提供公告栏, chat rooms, or other public forum-type features that enable you to post information, comments, 上传电脑文件, recommendations, ratings, 个人网络日志(博客)或其他信息. 如果您选择在我们的网站上发布信息, you should be aware that any personally identifiable information you submit there can be read, collected, 或由这些功能的其他用户使用, 哪些是对公众开放的. 任何可识别的信息都可能被广泛披露, 张贴在互联网上的其他地方, 或用于与您联系或向您发送未经请求的信息. SEE is are not responsible for the personally identifiable information you choose to submit in these forums and urges users to exercise caution before publicly posting any personally identifiable information.


SEE的网站使用一种叫做“cookie”的技术工具.” The cookie is a small text file that SEE’s website temporarily stores on your hard drive. When you return to SEE’s site your Web browser passes the cookie from your computer back to SEE’s website, so SEE can recognize you as you move through SEE’s site (for instance, cookie告诉SEE的网站哪个购物篮是你的). 在任何时候,饼干都不会让别人知道你的名字, email address, street address, or telephone number (even if you have submitted this information to other areas of SEE’s website).

SEE uses cookies and similar technologies to analyze how users interact with SEE’s website, 如何帮助SEE修改网站并改善访客体验. SEE also may provide advertisements to users who have visited SEE’s site on other websites. 具体而言,SEE的网站使用谷歌分析. You may learn more about Google Analytics’ data practices by clicking here and opt out of the use of cookies in web browsers by Google Analytics by clicking here.

SEE’s website also enables third-party tracking mechanisms to collect information about you and your computing devices for use in online interest-based advertising. For example, third parties may use the fact that you visited SEE’s site to target online ads to you. In addition, third-party advertising networks might use information about your use of SEE’s Site to help target advertisements based on your online activity in general. 获取有关基于兴趣的广告实践的信息, 包括隐私和机密性, visit the 网络广告倡议 website or the 数字广告联盟 website.

The use of online tracking mechanisms by third parties is subject to those third parties’ own privacy policies, 而不是这个政策. If you prefer to prevent third parties from setting and accessing cookies on your computer or other device, 您可以将浏览器设置为阻止cookie. Additionally, you may remove yourself from the targeted advertising of companies within the 网络广告倡议 by opting out here, or of companies participating in the 数字广告联盟 by opting out here. Although our Site currently does not respond to “do not track” browser headers, you can limit tracking through these third-party programs and by taking the other steps discussed above.

SEE may also provide third parties with aggregate profiles of user groups and their activities and preferences. Such collective profiles may also be disclosed in describing SEE’s site and services to prospective partners, advertisers, 以及其他第三方, 以及其他合法的目的.



确保您的信用卡交易与SEE是安全的, SEE has implemented industry-standard commercial data security tools. The information you submit for purchases of products and services is protected by an encryption technology called P2PE (Point to Point Encryption). This security software encrypts your credit card information so that it cannot be read as your order travels over the Internet. 尽管我们采取了安全措施, 没有通过互联网传输的方法, 或者电子存储的方法, is 100% secure. Accordingly, SEE cannot guarantee the security of information provided via Internet or through SEE’s website.



SEE的网站可能包含到其他网站的链接. 请注意,当你点击其中一个链接, 您正在点击到另一个组织的网站. Please be aware that SEE isnot responsible for the privacy practices of such other websites. Accordingly, SEE encourages you to read the privacy statements of other websites, 因为他们的政策可能与SEE不同.



By using SEE’s Website you signify your acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the terms above, please do not use SEE’s Website.

SEE reserves the right to modify, update, and alter the terms of this Policy. The most current version of this Policy shall govern SEE’s use of your information.


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